Informal letter сачыненне

How are you? I am very busy these days. That’s why I have not been writing you for so long. I have some news for you.

The new school year started greatly. I was happy to meet my friends after summer holidays. However, now I feel tired. We have too much homework. I do not have enough time to relax. This year is going to be difficult, but interesting. I have so many plans and expectations!

My new hobby is basketball. Recently I have understood that I enjoy it very much. So, I also spend some time playing it.

The weather is fine. It is still quite warm outside. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to winter with its holidays and magic atmosphere.

I should do my homework now. I’ll write you later again.

Do you have something to tell me? I’m waiting to hear from you soon. I really miss you!

Як ты? Я зараз вельмі заняты. Таму я не пісаў табе так доўга. У мяне ёсць навіны для цябе.

Новы навучальны год пачаўся выдатна. Я быў рады пабачыцца з сябрамі пасля летніх вакацый. Але цяпер я адчуваю сябе стомленым. У нас занадта шмат хатняга задання. У мяне недастаткова часу для адпачынку. Гэты год будзе складаным, але цікавым. У мяне столькі планаў і чаканняў!

Маё новае захапленне — баскетбол. Нядаўна я зразумеў, што ён сапраўды мне падабаецца. Так што я таксама праводжу час, гуляючы ў яго.

Надвор’е добрае. На вуліцы ўсё яшчэ цёпла. Усё роўна я з нецярпеннем чакаю зіму з яе святамі і атмасферай чараўніцтва.

Цяпер мне трэба рабіць хатняе заданне. Я яшчэ напішу табе пазней.

А ў цябе ёсць, што расказаць мне? Я чакаю, што ты напішаш мне неўзабаве. Я сапраўды сумую па табе!

An Informal Letter. Нефармальныя ліст.

Ask your friend some introductory questions.

How are you? I hope the summer job is going well. Have you decided where to go on holiday?

Describe where you are (the place / the weather).

Anyway, we’re camping in the Isle ofSkye. We’re staying on a campsite. It rained every single day.

Say what you are doing.

Luckily, we did not come here for the nightlife! Actually, there isnt. We go walking every day and yesterday.

Mention the people in the group.

Were’s some news for you about the group. Tom.

Make up an excuse to stop writing.

Well, I must finish — it’s my turn to cook tonight. Write back soon.

Say goodbye and sign your name.

All the best, / Lots of love, Janet

How are you? Very well, I hope. I’m sure my dog ​​remembers going for walks in the park with you — he barks when I say your name!

Anyway, I’m writing because there’s only a month to go before I come to visit you. Maybe you can give me some advice so that I’m fully prepared.

First, what sort of present should I bring for your parents? I’d also like to buy you a CD. So can you help me out? I know you like Queen, but I do not know which albums you’ve got. Finally, what sort of clothes shall I bring? Will we be going anywhere special such as a party? Shall I bring anything formal?

Well, I have to go now as I’ve got to study for a maths exam. Please write back soon and let me know. I’m really looking forward to coming!

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