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To begin with, all the people in the world watch a lot of films. Especially nowadays modern teenagers can’t imagine their life without any foreign film or programme because there are TV-sets, computers, laptops and smart phones in every family. Besides, it is very exciting to watch a film not only at home, but to go to the cinema.

To my mind, movies are very important in people’s life. There are many kind of films such as adventure films, documentaries, horror films, feature films, fairy-tails, science fiction films, thrillers, romances and even musical films. In my opinion, tastes are differ and that’s why everybody can choose that kind of film, which appeals to him. I think that movies help people to broaden their outlook, to high up their mood and teach them how to live in this dangerous world.

In fact, there are some movies which are designed to make people think. It can be a documentary, a melodrama or romances. There are so many examples of life there and everybody can take some useful information or a fact which will help to think “Who am I? What will I be able to do in this world?”. But sometimes, they are very difficult for understanding. Some people can’t even grasp the main idea of such a film.

My favourite film is The Twilight Saga written by Stephenie Meyer. The film was directed by Catherine Hardwicke in 2008. The plot is based on the story of awkward teen Bella Swan, who moved to Forks, Washington, and fell in love with a mysterious boy named Edward Cullen. In fact, he appeared to be a vampire, but it did not influence their attraction to each other. I’m fond of actors playing their roles. They are Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson and I’m just satisfied with how they could pass through all the hardships in their life to save their real love. Besides, there are so many useful quotes in this film which you can take in your everyday life. For example, my favourite quote is “A lion fell in love with a lamb” because we can find an inner context in this phrase, that love makes people week and unprotected from all the world’s cruelty, but two loving hearts can overcome any hardships.

So, I hope that in the nearest future there won’t be any person who does not like watching films, because movies are a source of entertainment and relaxation, a source of deep feelings and life experience.

Мой любимый фильм (мультфильм) / My favourite film (cartoon)

Yesterday I watched a great cartoon «Hakuna Mathata». I liked it very much. It became one of my favourite cartoons. I watched it because this film gave much fun to people of different characters. That’s why I like it very much.

The person who directed the film is Bradley Raymond. The leading actors who gave their voices to the cartoon are Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella, Julie Kavner, Jerry Stiller, Mathew Broderick, Moira Kelly and Whoopi Goldberg. There weren’t any special effects in the cartoon but the soundtracks were awesome.

This cartoon is about a friendship between 3 personages – Timon, Pumba, and Simba. They are in Africa. Timon was exiled from his tribe. He met a monkey who told him about a special place «Hakuna Mathata». The Monkey said that «Hakuna Mathata» meant «No problem». When Timon was looking for this place he met Pumba and they became friends till the end of the cartoon.

I recommend this film. You should see it, because it is good for people of different ages and characters and I am sure you will like it.

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